Like a challenge!? Be part of our Sky High Club.

Here is how you join:

*After you complete your 10th class you will receive a Sky Barre Passport, your own Sky Barre Charm Keychain, and your first sky charm! (Please note that Intro to Sky Barre classes do not qualify)

*After each class you will get a “stamp” in your Sky Barre Passport to keep track of all classes attended. Great way to visually see how many classes you are attending and hold yourself accountable

*The more classes you take the more charms you earn

15 classes- Sky Charm #1

30 classes-Sky Charm #2

60 classes-Sky Charm #3

90 classes-Sky Charm #4

120 classes-Sky Charm #5

150 classes-Sky Charm #6

170 classes-Sky Charm #7

200 classes-Sky Charm #8

Collect them all and then show them off to your friends (duh!)